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2-step verification added to PSN five years after hack

Better late than never


Remember 2011?  A simpler time.  Christian Bale was still Batman, Channel 4 finally stopped showing Friends repeats (and made a weirdly big thing about it) and Sony was trailing in third place in the console race, a situation not helped by the biggest hack in console gaming history, as 77 million users of PSN had their details accessed.

Just over five years later, PSN now offers a 2-step verification on your account.  You can link a phone number and require entry of a text sent to your mobile before signing in – a simple system, but one much more secure than just a password.

The option, if you choose to enable it, comes into play when logging into your console after signing out, or occasionally while using your account on PC or via the PlayStation app.  It isn’t required when changing account details or entering your password at the checkout after making a PS Store purchase.