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Varidesk Soho review

Can a desk help you burn 52,000 calories a year?

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Vari1 w720 h389

We all know a sedentary lifestyle can be unhealthy, so getting up every once in a while can really help. And standing up can be better.

One such solution to this health issue is the Varidesk Soho. Rather than replacing you present desk, it complements it by sitting on you old desk. The manufacturers claim that changing to a Varidesk is an easy swop for many office workers and can help you burn up to 52,000 calories per year when used daily, decreases neck and lower back pain, lower blood pressure and help prevent heart disease.

It is very compact but also heavier than you would expect. From the looks of it, it is meant for anyone that uses a laptop, rather than a desktop PC and display.

When fully extended, it added another 40cm to the height of your desk, although it can be adjusted to nine different levels. The desktop measures 36cm deep by 79cm wide, more than enough for a laptop and mouse and a few extra bits, but not much else besides.

While it worked well with normal laptops, our Surface Pro, with its kickstand was a little too wide for the desk.

That said, the Varidesk Soho is a good way of keeping fit but may only suit those of average height if the desk you use already is small.

The Varidesk costs £150 and is available from Amazon.