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Vax Air Cordless Lift U85-ACLG-B review

vax air cordless lift
vax air cordless lift

A cordless vacuum cleaner that equals the best of the cabled ones may seem a pipedream, but the Vax Air Cordless Lift pretty much delivers on that promise.

This Vax vacuum cleaner does away with the mains cable on the cleaner and banishes it to the battery charger. More on that later.

The Vax Air Cordless Lift does a sterling job of picking up dirt. In fact its predecessor has managed to banish the Dyson to the storage cupboard where it has lived ever since.

The cleaner

The vac is a full size cordless upright vacuum cleaner and comes equipped with a lift-out cylinder for flexible, above the floor cleaning and to use in your car. This means that you can now have one cleaner that does it all, cars, floors stairs and all.

It is also lightweight, weighing in at just 5.1kg when in use. No trailing wire means that it can be taken anywhere in the house or indeed outside to the car.

The lift-out cylinder is the stand out feature for us. The previous version was great, but that meant that stairs were more troublesome to vacuum. The Vax Air Cordless Lift, however, has a lift-out cylinder that detaches from the rest of the vacuum, allowing you to easily clean stairs without lugging the whole unit around. It also means that with an attachment, you can clean cobwebs on ceilings without too much trouble.

The lift-out cylinder is the stand out feature for us

When unclipped from the main body, the cylinder weighs around 3kg making it easy to carry around the house.

The vacuum has a boost button that will temporarily increase suction for more difficult cleaning tasks. This is useful but will drain the battery faster.

The pivoting head and large wheels means the vax is very manoeuvrable and easy to steer. The brush bar is great for carpets but also quite useful on hard floors too.

The accessories

There is also a 2-in-1 dusting brush and crevice tool and brush head with flexible neck. This hose is not as short as the original Air Cordless some much more useful.

The Power

As it is a cordless vacuum, the Vax is powered by a lithium ion battery. In fact you are supplied with two of them and a charging dock so when one is run down, the other can be quickly swapped in to continue cleaning.

Overall, each battery will last between 20 and 30 minutes depending on whether you use the boost button and the brush bar, as these require extra power to function.

The cleaning

When in normal mode, the Vax Air Cordless does a decent job of keeping floors clean. Maybe it isn’t as powerful as its rivals, but that doesn’t seem to matter. As it is so light, you tend to break out the cleaner more often as it doesn’t seem a chore to use it, so the house is cleaner as a result.

As the cylinder is detachable, this meant we could finally say goodbye to our portable Dyson. As good as that was, the Vax can now do both floors and stairs meaning one had to go.


We loved the original Vax Air Cordless and the new Lift takes it to the next level. The longer hose, boost button and lift off cylinder makes it a great all-in-one vacuum cleaner.