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Braun Cruzer 6 body trimmer review

CruZer 6 2
CruZer 6 2

Men are getting more and more into grooming and “manscaping”. For manly hair, this means having something you can use that is a bit more heavy-duty than borrowing your girlfriend’s lady shave. The Braun Cruzer 6 trimmer promises to trim away body hair (even around the gentleman’s department) and around the face.

It comes with two Gillette Fusion cartridges, three attachments, a case to hang the trimmer in the shower as well as a charger and a carrying case.

The trimmer is light in the hand and on the side are three different trim settings. The rubberised grip feels comfortable in the hand and won’t slip out. Handy when working in sensitive areas.

The charger works by induction so this means that it is safe to use in the shower. Each charge gives about 12 hours of use before recharging.

The three trimmer comb attachments are labelled sensitive, medium and long. These attachments are easy to put on but quite difficult to remove so chopping and changing between them can be somewhat of a task. When trimming, each trimmer cuts hair to a certain length. The trimmer has small, fine teeth and is quite quiet in operation.

There is also a razor. In fact it is a five-bladed Gillette Fusion Razor, so you can replace these when they eventually lose sharpness. The razor can be pushed up and used for close shaving and then retracted when not needed.

There is also another setting where the razor and trimmer can be used together. Running the trimmer vertically, the blade follows behind and shaves off any stubble remaining.

In use the trimmer does a great job of keeping your manly hair under control. It gives much closer shaving than other trimmers we have used. However, as the Fusion blades wear out quickly, there is an ongoing investment in owning the trimmer, which may put some people off.

Price: £33 from Amazon.