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Tech 21 iPhone 6 case review

tech21 impactology classic check for iphone 6 plus smokey iset t21 4282
tech21 impactology classic check for iphone 6 plus smokey iset t21 4282

With the iPhone 6 out, it wasn’t too long before problems came to the surface. Bendgate was one of them. Could those cases have prevented such problems?

Possibly! But regardless of that, the iPhone still needs protection. The Tech 21 iPhone 6 case isn’t much larger than competing cases but its “Impactology” protective technology should protect your Apple device without the need for a lot of bulk.

The Tech 21 case looks good and offers edge protection. The Classic Shell is made from a clear, hard-wearing and flexible material that feels really good to hold. The rubbery texture feels secure in the hand and the clear material means you can see the design of the Apple phone through it.

The border of the case sports Tech21’s signature bright orange D30 material which is what really helps this case stand out from the crowd.

The case covers the back of the phone completely asidefrom a small cut-out for the camera and flash. The volume and power buttons are covered by the case and, although they’re a little bit stiffer, but still usable.

The case fits the phone perfectly and covers all the most easily damaged areas of the handset. The innovative D3O material should help protect the phone from damage if dropped.

The Tech 21 Classic Frame Case for the iPhone 6 is certainly worth a look for any iPhone 6 owner.