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Jawbone reveals its UP3 fitness band

jawbone up
jawbone up

Jawbone has unveiled its new UP3 fitness band, a new activity tracker that gives an in-depth measurement of sleep cycles and fitness. The new band is set to rival the Apple Watch, Microsoft Band and Android Wear.

The UP3 features a patented multi-sensor platform that collects and analyses a wide range of biometric signals. The advanced multi-sensor platform includes a new tri-axis accelerometer, sophisticated bioimpedance sensors, and skin and ambient temperature sensors.

Using this technology, UP3 delivers resting heart rate – a important indicator of overall heart health – and will capture more health data through future firmware updates.

It also detailed sleep stages including REM, Light and Deep sleep, providing in-depth information on sleep patterns and what can be done to improve it.

It also features smart algorithms that allow UP3 to automatically identify workouts and classify activities, including running, cross-training, tennis, and many more.

The band connects with the UP App and boast Smart Coach – a system that keeps track of progress and gives personalised guidance to help reach goals faster. The more information UP3 captures about sleep, activity, meals and other biometric signals.

The tracker is designed by Yves Behar and features a slim, low profile design that can be accessorised with jewellery or watches.

The tracker has up to seven days of battery life, water resistance up to 10 meters and a durable anodised aluminium framework.

“Our mission was to create the world’s most powerful activity tracker in the smallest possible design, and we believe we have done that with the UP3 band” said Travis Bogard, vice president of product management and strategy at Jawbone.

“Our advanced, multi-sensor platform delivers a huge amount of new health data, backed by our smart algorithms and our highly personalized Smart Coach system. And because the technology is fully updateable, we’re able to unveil great new features and experiences in the coming months.”

The new UP3 will cost $179.99 (approx. £125), and is set to launch around Christmas