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Sky Wireless booster review

Sky Wireless Booster amber light flashing
Sky Wireless Booster amber light flashing

Many of us have experienced wireless blackspots in out homes. Places where your laptop, iPhone, iPad or other internet device just will not connect to the internet. Sky has launched a new extender that will fill in those areas of blank coverage and best of all it’s free throughout January.

The Sky Wireless Booster aims to get rid of blackspots it says affect around a third of UK households. It said the booster would double the Wi-Fi coverage in a normal household.

The device itself is not much bigger than a cigarette pack. To extend your network, you press the WPS button on the front of the device and then press the same button on your internet router. This pairs the devices. This can also be done via manual means be will take a bit longer.

While the device increases coverage, it does so by using some of the available bandwidth to provide a signal in the blackspot. The device also shares Wi-Fi channels, so you will find that in a non-blackspot area close to your Sky Wireless Booster, your broadband speeds are slower.

Overall, it did increase the range of the wireless network, but we experienced some problems in running services, such as iPlayer in areas that were not blackspots. We noticed a significant decrease in speeds we were getting on our test broadband connection following the use of the booster. This may improve by repositioning the booster to a different location.

You can get your free Booster by joining or upgrading here.