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Gioteck launches wireless racing wheel for PS3

tech fr 1 ps3 001
tech fr 1 ps3 001

Whether you’re a petrol head and car fanatic or simply enjoy an exhilarating race from time to time, a racing game is a must-have addition to every PS3 gamer’s collection. With massive choices between the more traditional F1 series, the dry and dirty Colin McRae: Dirt or MotorStorm, or taking to the streets in Need for Speed, the collection of racing games has something to suit every driver.

Every racing game needs a companion, and this is where the FR-1 can transform your driving experiences into an immersive, realistic driving simulation.

Packed with features to make games both realistic and exciting, this PS3 steering wheel is the perfect addition to every gamer’s setup.

The FR-1 both looks and feels the part, allowing you to race for the longest of gaming marathons. Carbon stylish with an ergonomic and intelligently designed layout means steering and gear transition are both simple and precise. The manual shift bumpers add both realism and precision to your gear changing, giving you the edge you need over your opponents.

This wireless steering wheel also has a rumble feedback feature built in. Feel the growl of the engine through the long straights, or maybe the heart-stopping collisions with barriers that immerse you in your gameplay, giving you the opportunity to improve your performance and cruise ahead of your competitors. Customise your wheel to suit your driving style with a sensitivity switch, included to make your steering more precise and accurate through the tightest of corners.

Upon designing the FR-1 racing wheel, Gioteck have taken usability into account to ensure gamers get the most precise and realistic driving experience when tearing around the track. The contoured precision d-pad ensures the selection of car and track is a quick and pain-free process without fuss, allowing you to take to the track faster. For those heart-clenching moments when your car is veering out of control, the steering wheel includes a precise nudge function, allowing you to get back on track and power ahead of your opponents.

The FR-1 PS3 steering wheel is out now, available from the official Gioteck store for around £39.99.