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TDK TAC4221 Space Saving Alarm Clock for iPod/iPhone review


Docks for iPhones and iPods are nothing new and neither are docks that double as alarm clocks. TDK has added to that list with an alarm clock that says it’s smaller than most alarm clock dock. TDK TAC4221 Space Saving Alarm Clock (Black) for iPod/iPhone is compact in size yet delivers the features you’d expect, such as an FM radio, snooze, sleep functions and dimmer. Plus, it offers several impressive add-ons that allow you to customise your wakeup – including iPhone/iPod compatibility, alarm clock and FM radio app, and a universal line-in connection for playing other devices. Its hinged dock makes access easy and keeps your Apple device contained and protected, preventing damage.

It also has “two” docks, great for those two smartphone having families. The front facing dock features a funky hinge and there’s an additional USB charging port in the back.

The other part to the device is the app. This allows you to Set and sync customised alarm settings and audio FM tuner controls with TDK Life on Record’s Alarm Clock + FM Tuner App for integration with the hardware.

The alarm clock portion of the app allows the user the ability to wake to a song via iPod (iPhone or iPod Touch), FM Radio or chimes. It also allows the user to set independent volume for each alarm and snooze timers.

The audio portion of the app controls music playing from iPod or iPhone. Source selections include iPod, FM Radio or Auxiliary. FM Radio selection allows the user to scroll through frequency and select the desired station. With six preset options you can save your favourite radio stations.

Overall a very pleasant way to wake up. You can find one on Amazon here for £44.99.

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