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Unofficial iPad 3-in-1 camera kit incoming

ipad 3 in 1 dongle
ipad 3 in 1 dongle

So you may have to wait until iPad 2 comes out before you can take and upload photos to your tablet device. In the meantime a Chinese company is offering a dongle that can connect everything.

Over at the the “Made In China” website store there is a single dongle that combines the functions of Apple’s two-piece iPad Camera Connection Kit, with both a  USB port and a full-size SD and microSD card slot.

The device,  dubbed the 3-in-1 iPad Camera Connection Kit, is not made by Apple but by one of those unofficial Chinese manufacturers that no doubt Apple lawyers could take an instant dislike to.

The 3-in-1 kit device (available in white or black) is actually slightly more expensive than Apple’s kit, costing $30 (excluding shipping).