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Review: Foofpod iPhone 4 Case

foofpod iphone 4 case small
foofpod iphone 4 case small

foofpod_iphone_4_case_smallIf you’ve ever contemplated carrying a skinny designer dog around in an extravagant handbag, this is a similar option for your iPhone (but without the need for a poop-a-scoop). In fact, everything about the Foofpod case screams extravagance.

From the fluffy, coddling interior that will ensure the iPhone 4 remains scratch free and warm (sounds crazy, but the cold really is bad for battery life), it’s like dropping your luxury smartphone into its own little pampering bag. The material on the outside isn’t any less plush and you’ll feel like you’re holding a duvet. 

Removing the iPhone from the case is a diddle. We expected to struggle against the case in a race against time to answer whenever someone called, but in reality the phone is easy to extract.

And when you do pull it out there’s just your slim iPhone 4 to impress with its good looks. The only problem being that your iPhone won’t have the bumper protection when you use it, so you might still fall foul of antenna-gate (where the IPhone 4 loses reception when the antenna band is touched).