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Human Hotspots hit the streets


threeMobile operator Threeis letting loose ‘Human Hotspots’ across London and several other regions to give Brits free access to mobile Wi-Fi.  They will appear in London (Friday 19 Nov), Cardiff (Friday 26 Nov), Bristol (Saturday 27 Nov), Nottingham (Saturday 4 Dec) and Newcastle (Saturday 11 Dec) and will allow people nearby to connect to the internet for free while they’re out and about, as well as trial some of this Christmas’ hottest mobile gadgets.

The ‘Human Hotspots’ will use Three’s MiFi, which uses the company’s 3G network to create a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot. Those in the area who spot a Human Hotspot can then connect to the internet.

Three said the idea was a response to research showing that more people are going online with their mobile gadgets and are in need of a strong and reliable 3G connection.

Their research suggest that number will increase this Christmas, as one third (31 per cent) of Brits are planning to buy one of this year’s hot mobile gadgets such as a tablet, Sony Playstation PSP and an Amazon Kindle, while 60 per cent of people already own a mobile gadget themselves.