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Status Update: I’m on the toilet

toilet white
toilet white

toilet_white“It’s important to support our customers by providing reliable and fast connectivity wherever they want to go online,” said Matthew Halfin, marketing manager for Three mobile broadband. And the company’s research shows that the popularity of mobile gadgets has people using them wherever they can…

Yes, 14 per cent of people questioned admitted to using their mobile device on the toilet.

Three’s research highlighted the top 10 places mobile gadgets are used:

1. In the living room (72 per cent)
2. In the bedroom (48 per cent)
3. At work (29 per cent)
4. On public transport (24 per cent)
5. On the toilet (14 per cent)
6. Walking (14 per cent)
7. In the bathroom (12 per cent)
8. In the garden (11 per cent)
9. At a bar/club (9 per cent)
10. While shopping (8 per cent)