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Top tips for buying a games console

xbox 360 red resident evil
xbox 360 red resident evil

xbox_360_red_resident_evilKelkoo has created a guide to help consumers get the best deal when buying a games console. “Shopping for consoles and accessories can be a minefield if you don’t do your homework,” said Joe Cross, Marketing Manager at Kelkoo. “With so many consumers opting to pre-order on the high street before the Christmas rush sets in, it’s easy to forget to search for the best deal. Many retailers still offer the best deals online, and these prices are rarely available in high street stores. Equally, bundles can represent good value for money for those that can afford a higher up-front spend. However, bundles are not standard and the contents can vary significantly from one retailer to another.”

Kelkoo’s seven-point guide includes: 

This is common practice for gamers but it’s important to make sure that the retailer you place your order with can guarantee that the order price will remain the same, even if suppliers or manufacturers increase theirs.

When you pre-order, most online retailers will not take the payment until the item has been released. However, if you pre-order in store, some retailers will ask for a non-refundable deposit.

Stock Levels
We expect many gamers to buy Kinects and Sony PlayStation Moves when the more sophisticated games launch after Christmas. With so many people planning to do this, there is no guarantee that stock levels will meet demand and you may have to wait for new stock to arrive.

VAT Increase
If you are planning to buy a new console in January, the price is very likely to go up with VAT. For example, a Sony PlayStation 3 & Move bundle (250GB) will go up from £285 on the high street to £291.

Loyalty Schemes
If you are an avid gamer, look out for loyalty schemes which will offer you discounts on your next gaming purchase. For example, Game offers 2.5 per cent of your order value and sometimes doubles this reward for pre-orders. These points can then be spent on future purchases.

If you’re planning to get a PS3 or Xbox 360 and buy the new peripherals at a later date, it might be worth making a bigger investment upfront. For example, you can buy an Xbox 360 Kinect bundle for £250, separately this would cost £280. Every retailer offers different bundles so make sure you shop around to get the best bundle for your money.

Go Online
By shopping online you can currently save anything up to 11 per cent on your Christmas console so it’s worth doing your homework.