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Sorry I’m late, my iPhone didn’t wake me up

iphone 4 thinnest smartphone
iphone 4 thinnest smartphone

iphone_4_thinnest_smartphoneIf you got into the office late today, blame your iPhone. Reports are coming in that a bug in the device’s software meant that alarms didn’t take account of the end of British Summer Time.

Despite the iPhone updating the time correctly (and if you was up at 2am in Sunday morning you would have probably seen this), the alarm function failed to.

A similar bug struck in Australia and New Zealand recently when the clocks went forward there last month and caused people there to be woken an hour earlier than usual.

The problem could strike in the US next week as that country moves its clocks back for winter.

Many users posted messages on Twitter this morning to complain about getting up late this morning.

If you have been affected by the problem, the current advice is to delete all alarms and reset them.

Let’s hope the iOS 4.2 update will fix the bug.