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The Top 10 Gadget Grumbles

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lg_usb_driveReevoo.com has ransacked its database of over one million customer reviews to find the gadgets that frustrate people the most. The website examined customer ratings from the last 12 months across more than 75,000 products to reveal that ebook readers, set-top boxes and electric razors are the gadgets that drive UK consumers to distraction.

However, internet dongles were the lowest rated gadget on the site, with an average score of 7.6 out of 10.

When it came to the top 10 most loved gadgets, bread makers took the number one spot with an average rating of 9.2 out of 10. 

The report also found that British consumers are the third toughest customers in Europe behind France and Spain, giving the harshest ratings of products they have bought. Of UK consumers, Londoners emerged as the grumpiest region, scoring products noticeably lower than consumers in other parts of the UK.

Top 10 most-frustrating gadgets based on Reevoo.com customer reviews were:
1) Dongles
2) Hair removal gadgets
3) Shredders
4) Routers
5) Mobile phones
6) Set top boxes
7) eBook readers
8) Landline phones
9) Mini fridges
10) Remote controls
Meanwhile, the top 10 most-loved gadgets were:

1) Bread makers
2) Games consoles
3) Slow cookers
4) Coffee makers
5) Steam cookers
6) Sewing machines
7) Baby monitors
8) Digital cameras
9) Televisions
10) Projectors