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Sony unveils Google-powered telescreens

sony internet tv google blu ray
sony internet tv google blu ray

Sony is to launch a new range of HD TV’s incorporating Google TV technologies that will allow viewers to combine internet surfing with watching the telly.

Not only will the new TVs let you surf the web, but also stream video content and run apps. You will also be able to search for programs to watch as well as more traditional viewing.

The TVs boast wireless connectivity and will run Android. The tellies are powered by an Intel Atom processor and comes with a remote control as well as a keyboard and mouse.

Sony will also be launching a $400 Google TV set-top box which features a Blu-ray player as well.

The screen sizes range from 24-inches (costing $600) to a 46-inch whopper, setting you back $1,400.

While there is no word on UK pricing, the US will see the sets go on sale from October 16.

Google will launch a version of the Android market for Google TV next year.