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Acer gets Happy with Android-powered netbook

acer aspire happy android windows
acer aspire happy android windows

Acer is to launch an Android-powered netbook in a pretty range of colours. The new Acer Aspire One Happy will sport the Google-backed OS as an alternative to Windows and Linux.

The device will set punters back £250 and is aimed at non-technical people by making the units look nice and colourful. For Windows lovers, it alos comes with Windows 7.

“As sweet as candy, scented as a field of lavender, brisk as lime juice or fresh as the ocean, Aspire One Happy comes in four delightful colours that fill your life with excitement and joy: Candy Pink, Lavender Purple, Lime Green and Hawaii Blue, four hip colours that transform this netbook into a fashion statement,” blurted the company’s press release.

While that’s all well and good, here are the specs that excite us gadget freaks.

It comes with a backlit LED 10.1-inch display, wireless and a slot for a 3G sim. it sports 250GB of storage and 2GB of memory. It features an Intel N450 Atom processor. All-in-all it could be quite zippy for a netbook.