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Xbox Kinect works perfectly well (if you live in a spotless mansion!)

xbox kinect
xbox kinect

xbox_kinectMicrosoft has warned users that the Kinect will only work properly if you have a very tidy, huge room to put it in.

According to a new YouTube video (see below), the motion-sensing device will not work properly if you have a messy room. The video explains that a flat floor works as a reference point for the unit to work.

‘If you have a very cluttered floor with clothes all over the place and we can’t get a good look at the floor – it’s a great thing if people can clean that up and move things out of the way,’ said Kinect spokesman Mark Plagge.

Also you can’t place the Kinect on the Xbox (too noisy with all those fans working overtime) and putting it on a speaker is out of the question too (which most people would do first).

Previous suggestions for getting the best out of the Kinect was to play with the device “about six foot away”, precluding those of us in small flats and houses. Put the sensor above the TV (becasue you are running out of places to put the darn thing) and you have to add another foot on top of that.

Also, spotlights or uneven lighting affect the operation of the Kinect.

It has also emerged that the Kinect had its internal processor dumped from the design, relying solely on the Xbox 360’s own chip to carry out the processing.

The Kinect is in the shops from 10 November for £130 but with all those problems, is it still worth buying? Please add your comments below.