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Tivoli Audio scores 10+

Tivoli Audio model 10 plus
Tivoli Audio model 10 plus

Tivoli_Audio_model_10_plusTivoli Audio has created its smallest ever table radio: the Model 10+. However, the DAB radio apparently “delivers a big sound from its compact real wood cabinet” and also comes backed up with an optional extra speaker if you want to super-size that sound a bit more.

The radio measures just 20.1cm x 11.4cm x 11.4 cm (H x W x D) and features include:
* DAB, DAB Plus, DMB and FM reception
* Remote control
* Auxiliary input
* 8cm full-range speaker driver
* On-board EQ system to adjust bass, treble, loudness and balance
* Digital clock with two alarms to wake to music or tone.

Tivoli’s Model 10+ comes in Aluminium Dark, Lines, Polar White or Walnut and has a recommend retail price from £219, while the additional speaker costs from £70.

Meanwhile, the Tivoli Audio Connector, which allows users to dock and charge an Apple player, costs £95. All products will be in UK stores and online from October 2010.