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Wii Remote Plus confirmed

wii motionplus
wii motionplus

wii_motionplusAfter last year’s release of the Wiimote-boosting Motion Plus, we’ve been waiting for the announcement of a new remote that has the tech built in. Nintendo has finally confirmed it.

The Wii Remote Plus looks much the same as the vanilla Wiimote, except with an extra bit of writing on the bottom. However, it has the extra motion-sensing boost of Motion Plus built in, making it that much closer to 1:1 motion sensing.

In the US at least, it seems you’ll be able to pick up a bundle of forthcoming action-puzzler FlingSmash with the new remote for $49.99. Whether any such bundle will make it out over here remains to be seen.

All Nintendo needs to do now is actually make some games that use Motion Plus. Aside from Wii Sports Resort, Ubisoft’s Red Steel 2 and presumably FlingSmash, we’re drawing a blank when it comes to games that utilise the tech…