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Nintendo offers help for Metroid bug

Metroid Other M logo
Metroid Other M logo

Metroid-Other-M-logoNintendo’s latest instalment in the Metroid saga, the bafflingly titled Metroid: Other M, has had quite the marketing push. No doubt that after all that money spent, the higher-ups are now particularly distressed that news of a game-breaking bug has come out.

The bug causes an unlocked door to re-lock itself, meaning that you can’t complete the game. To be precise, we’ll take Nintendo’s own description of the bug:

“What is the problem?

At Sector 3 after the final boss battle at the top level in the Desert Refinery some players have found that the next door which you need to open to proceed the game remains locked.

Why does this problem occur?

The problem is triggered earlier in the game. After you get the Ice Beam and defeat the enemy in the next room a door will open. If you do not go through that door but go back into the room from where you got the Ice Beam the above described issue will occur.”

So there you go, anyone who’s just picked up the game: don’t backtrack at that particular moment and you’ll be fine. (Considering Metroid is pretty much the series that invented backtracking, faces must be very red somewhere.)

If you have already caused this glitch to occur, Nintendo is offering to fix your save file free of charge. Just hop over to Nintendo UK’s website for full details.