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Google snubs Flash for HTML5 in YouTube overhaul

youtube logo white 250
youtube logo white 250

youtube_logo_white_250Search engine giant Google has launched a new, faster mobile YouTube website, ditching Flash in the process.

The new site will use the newer HTML5 technology to show videos instead of the more traditional Adobe codecs. The new version promises to make viewing vids on mobile devices, such as Android and iPhone smartphones as easy as it is on the PC.

The company has also unveiled an iPad-friendly user interface for the mobile YouTube site with inline video so that users can watch clips in full-screen mode if they wish.

The new site also sports the ability to create playlists, mark videos as favourites and like and unlike clips.

The site is also social-networking friendly, with icons for Facebook, Twitter and Google Buzz, so users can share content.

Andrey Doronichev, Product Manager for YouTube Mobile said the launch would allow the mobile site to get new features at the same time as the desktop version.