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Robbie Williams tracklist confirmed

We Sing Robbie Williams catsuit
We Sing Robbie Williams catsuit

We_Sing_Robbie_Williams_catsuitRobbie might be back (for good?) with Take That, but fans can emulate his solo prowess thanks to the October release of We Sing Robbie Williams on the Nintendo Wii. And Nordic Games has revealed the 25 hits which will feature on the game, with tracks such as Let Me Entertain You, No Regrets and Old Before I Die all confirmed.

“We Sing Robbie Williams embodies the popstar’s musical journey,” a suit for Nordic Games said today. “It features 25 tracks from the chart-topping artist, accompanied by all the original videos making it a true celebration of the British born, multimillion selling pop star.” 

The game will also include footage from Robbie Williams’ 2003 Knebworth concert and a photo gallery, plus a bonus single which will be announced in coming weeks.

Other features include Solo, Party, Karaoke and Jukebox modes, singing lessons, in-game awards and eight different multiplayer modes.

The full tracklisting is as follows:
Year Song    Album
1997 Old Before I Die  Life Thru A Lens
1997 Angels    Life Thru A Lens
1998 Let Me Entertain You  Life Thru A Lens
1998 No Regrets   I’ve Been Expecting You
1999 Strong     I’ve Been Expecting You
1999 She’s The One   I’ve Been Expecting You
2000 Rock DJ    Sing When You’re Winning
2000 Kids    Sing When You’re Winning
2000 Supreme    Sing When You’re Winning
2001 Let Love Be Your Energy  Sing When You’re Winning
2001 The Road To Mandalay  Sing When You’re Winning
2001 Eternity    Sing When You’re Winning
2001 Somethin’ Stupid  Swing When You’re Winning
2001 Beyond The Sea   Swing When You’re Winning
2002 Mr Bojangles    Swing When You’re Winning
2002 Feel     Escapology
2003 Come Undone    Escapology
2003 Something Beautiful  Escapology
2003 Sexed Up   Escapology
2004 Radio     Greatest Hits
2005 Tripping    Intensive Care
2005 Advertising Space  Intensive Care
2009 Bodies     Reality Killed The Video Star
2009 You Know Me    Reality Killed The Video Star
2009 Morning  Sun    Reality Killed The Video Star

The release of the game will coincide with Robbie Williams’ greatest hits album entitled In And Out Of Consciousness: The Greatest Hits 1990-2010.