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Triple tracker for Denon DJs

Denon DJ MC6000
Denon DJ MC6000

Denon_DJ_MC6000It was the DJ Expo in Atlantic City last week and Denon used that event to launch three new tools for Digital DJs. The products include: an integrated digital mixer and twin deck DJ software controller for the computer DJ; a “throw in the bag” portable hardware controller for the laptop DJ; and an “ultra high performance” 2-channel, traditional style DJ mixer, bristling with USB MIDI / audio control and connectivity capabilities.

Here’s the triple track the company laid down for its new wares:
Denon DN-MC6000
“Ushers in a new product category as an integrated, full blown mixer and ‘dual deck’ MIDI Controller.”


Denon DN-SC2000
“An affordable, professionally spec’d and constructed MIDI controller for Native Instruments TRAKTOR Pro, providing a serious portable control solution for laptop DJs. A dual layer system, it provides simultaneous switchable control of both TRAKTOR decks, with visual deck colour change.”


Denon DN-X600
“A highly spec’d 2-channel performance mixer, optimised for both traditional vinyl techniques and the latest digital media and computer DJ systems, that offers levels of technology and performance comparable with Denon’s flagship 4-channel models.”


Online prices see the Denon DN-MC6000 selling for £699, the Denon DN-SC2000 at £209 and the Denon DN-X600 costing £579.