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Gift Guide: Oregon Scientific

Oregon ATC9K HD Action Camera
Oregon ATC9K HD Action Camera

Oregon_ATC9K_HD_Action_CameraOregon Scientific makes everything from funky alarm clocks and relaxing tech toys to water and shockproof HD videocameras, and our gadget girl Hillary spent a day being pampered by the company while checking out its products. Here she tells us about the things she liked that you should be considering for loved ones when Christmas time rolls around.

i.comfort massage Cushion (RRP £79.99)
They say: “For a portable massage option, why not try this compact yet stylish cushion – its design means you can relieve tired aching muscles at home or in the office.”

Hills says: “This is really handy because it’s easy to carry around. It’s also very quiet so you wouldn’t feel weird having it in place of a regular support on your chair at work, or on long journeys in the car.”


i.comfort Mini Massager (RRP £19.99)
They say: “This award winning product is battery operated and compact enough to fit in a handbag or briefcase, making it totally portable and able to be used anywhere, any time. It has an easy ‘press-to-knead’ function and has two massage nodules to vary the relaxing sensation.”

Hills says: “It looks like a cactus so won’t look out of place sitting on your desk at work or on a bedside table. It’s small but I probably wouldn’t carry this one around, although it’s a really cute gift. And it works well because you’re in control of it to direct it to points that ache.”


i.relax All Senses Aroma Diffuser (RRP £99.99)
They say: “One of the quickest ways to relax in your home is to find a quiet, darkened room and create a calming space. This unique product creates a naturally tranquil environment and can immediately stimulate a state of calm. It has been developed using advanced ultrasonic technology and uses three holistic therapies, aroma therapy, light therapy and sound therapy, to relax the mind and body. Plus an inbuilt alarm clock and timer function mean you can wake up invigorated by your favourite essential oil, arrive home to a scent of calm or even fall asleep to a restful aroma.”

Hills says: “It looks very cool. It would possibly be a bit overpowering in too small a room, but this would be lovely in a large bedroom or a conservatory as you drift off to its aromas.”


i.wake Up Clock (RRP £99.99)
They say: “Studies have shown that light therapy can effectively treat mood disorders and mild degrees of depression, helping create a feeling of calm and wellbeing. The i.wake Up Clock is a dawn simulator that makes waking up on dark winter mornings a more enjoyable, natural experience. Over a pre-set period of time, it gradually increases illumination to simulate a natural sunrise, leaving you more refreshed and relaxed, ready to make the most of the day.”

Hills says: “Much more relaxing than waking up to Chris Moyles – even though we love you Chris – it’s a bit like going camping and gradually waking up with the dawn, a much calmer way of greeting the morning.”


Colour Berry Projection Clock (RRP £24.99)
They say: “This boasts 100 per cent accuracy as well as a cool, adjustable wall or ceiling projector. With a funky berry-inspired shape available in a stunning palette of bright colours, including electric blue, snow white and passionate red, this radio controlled clock is another great stocking filler for him, her or the kids.”

Hills says: “A great present for the kids – even grown up kids, I want one! – the projection of this clock image onto the ceiling is less intrusive than the usual dayglo clock display next to your bed.”


Ultra Light Walkie Talkies (RRP £49.99)
They say: “An outward bounder’s must-have, each walkie-talkie has a battery life of 18 hours and 10 fun polyphonic ringtones and is effective over an impressive 5km range.”

Hills says: “These were much more attractive than expected and are the perfect way to go shopping in town and still find your friends without having to phone them! They’re tiny but have a solid feel to them, so forget any ideas of them appearing like a cheap toy.”


ATC9K HD All Terrain Action Camera (RRP £249)
They say: “Tough enough to follow you anywhere. The New ATC9K HD is specifically designed for extreme sports enthusiasts and professionals who want to capture every high action moment, on the slopes, on the waves or on the road. Not only does the camera capture 1080p professional quality high definition video and takes photos of 5MP, its built-in G-sensor can also measure the force of gravity during acceleration, deceleration and hang time. It’s also shock resistant and is the only action camera that’s water proof to 20m without external casing, making it ideal for scuba divers. It records straight onto a Micro SD card (up to 32GB). The ATC9K also comes with a unique optional GPS plug-in that enables users to map their location, speed and distance travelled using Google Maps or Google Earth.”

Hills says: “You can attach this to pretty much anything and then watch stuff straight back on your telly when it’s recorded. I’m going to be doing a charity skydive later in the year – see details here – and I’ll be testing it out properly then!”