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i-Mego sounds out IFA launches

i mego earth green
i mego earth green

i-mego_earth_greenAudio accessory brand i-Mego is about to launch two new products: the environmentally friendly Earth series and a limited edition luxury version of its Retro headphones. Both ranges will be shown off at the IFA 2010 international consumer electronics show in Berlin.

The Earth Series of headphones was born out of i-Mego desire to produce “a product design that aims to emphasise the importance of environmental issues. The new Earth Series combines its stylish ‘globe’ design and bright colours with the use of eco-friendly materials and packaging – recycled paper and recycled Polyethylene Terephthalate (rPET).
Meanwhile, the Retro Infinity Xmas Limited Edition headphones are aiming – you guessed it by the name – to be appearing under a tree in the 2010 holiday season.

This premium version of i-Mego’s “top of the range retro headphones” is built with a special headband – real leather and velvet – and comes in “stylish luxury packaging”. 

Technical enhancements to the acoustic performance have also been introduced to deliver “more rousing and full-bodied bass, along with clear and detailed mid-range and treble”.
The limited edition retro headphones and the Earth Series will be available from late September onwards, prices to be announced.