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Orange starts to giveaway free iPhone 4

iphone 4 thinnest smartphone
iphone 4 thinnest smartphone

iphone_4_thinnest_smartphoneWhat seems the start of an iPhoney price war, mobile operator Orange is to start giving away an iPhone 4 on certain tariffs.

Customers who take out one of the company’s £50 per month price plans will no longer need to stump up a one-off £75 fee for the Jesusphone.

While £50 is a lot for a monthly charge, you do get 1200 minutes, unlimited texts and 500MB monthly data allowance. This makes the total cost of ownership of the phone around £1200.

The mobile operator has also made changes to its other tariffs so users can swap around data and voice allowances.

However, the company has also put a cap in its wireless usage at 750MB per month when using BT Openzone.

Earlier in the week there were reports that Orange’s data network had left customers with slow or broken data connections. The company said that normal service had been restored following the fixing of an “unusual” software issue as well as an unrelated hardware problem.