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White iPhone 4 for UK incoming

iphone 4 white
iphone 4 white

If you live in the UK and want a white version of the new iPhone 4, then your luck may finally be in at last. The phone will head to blighty by the of July.

According to news website Tech Watch, Apple head Steve Jobs let slip the news during a press conference given to address problems concerning antenna reception on the new smartphone devices.

Speculation has been rife around the internet with many blaming problems in manufacturing the white glass screen as a reason for the hold-up. Also, it is thought that the were problems in getting the colour right.

Elsewhere in the conference, Jobs said Apple will give away free bumpers to solve the problem of the faulty antenna which left some users suffering from poor signal reception (although we have met a few iPhone 4 users and none of them have any problems with the new phone’s reception).

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