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Virgin cranks broadband up to 400Mbps

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virgin-media-logoWe are very jealous in the office today. Reason being is that Virgin Media is to bring out a new router and modem that can handle speeds up to 400Mbps and we can’t get Virgin despite living in a cabled area.

The company will roll out the new modems to coincide with upgrade  work to the network to deliver ultra-fast broadband.

At the moment Virgin has 70,000 subscribers on its network, with speeds of up to 50Mbps.

Virgin said that with its new routers and updated network, the company will be able to offer consumer telepresence (a posh way of saying HD video calling), cloud computing and home working.

Jon James, Virgin Media’s director of broadband stated: “We want to be ready for the evolution of network speeds in the coming years as we roll out ever-improving services, including our 100Mbps service due at the end of the year and trials of 200Mbps ongoing.”

Virgin is currently in negotiations with power companies to run fibre optics over telegraph poles to extend its network to rural locations.