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Paddy Power taking bets on a videogame fight

Super Street Fighter IV
Super Street Fighter IV

Super-Street-Fighter-IVAnother little bit of history is made, as public betting has been allowed on a gaming contest for the first time courtesy of high-street bookmakers Paddy Power.

The game in question is Super Street Fighter IV, which is out on Friday. The bout will take place on Thursday night at the European headquarters of the game’s developer, Capcom. It’ll be a best-of-three match between Ryan Hart (1/3) and Femi Adeboye (2/1).

Capcom has issued a statement saying that the event is an important step towards “recognising the game as a legitimate spectator event, as fiercely contested as any sanctioned boxing match.”

If you fancy a flutter, bear in mind that Hart has reportedly won 450 of the 700 fighting tournaments he’s entered in the last sixteen years, and recently set a record of defeating 169 Street Fighter IV challengers in a row. Adeboye is very much the underdog, though you can check out his ability on YouTube (where he’s known as F Word).