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Go OverBoard with waterproof iPod case

overboard waterproof ipod case
overboard waterproof ipod case

overboard_waterproof_ipod_caseOverBoard knows that watersports enthusiasts don’t want to be without their favourite tunes. So the designer of waterproof travel and sports gear has created an updated version of its Waterproof iPod Case with sports arm strap.

“With a tough, padded design that floats if dropped in water, this holder enables full use of all touch screen controls while sealed with a recently updated clip system in the OverBoard case,” a spokesman for the company said.

“It provides 100 per cent protection from water, dust and sand.”

The case also uses a flat clip design and padded back of the case to provide comfortable storage under wetsuits.

It is designed to protect an iPod, but will also fit many similar sized and smaller MP3 players.

Features and specs include:
* Construction from durable 0.42mm soft matte PVC
* Seals tight with OverBoard’s Slide Seal System
* Fully submersible up to 6m (19ft)
* Comes with the Velcro arm strap, neck lanyard, carabineer clip and moisture sensitive desiccant sachet.

Available in black or white, the OverBoard Waterproof iPod Case sells for £24.99. It can be bought from the OverBoard web store or by calling 01932 500 091.