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BenQ monitor crosses our borders

benq v2410t monitor
benq v2410t monitor

benq_v2410t_monitorWith an election on at the moment (what do you mean, “What election?”), there’s plenty of chat about how many new arrivals we’re getting in the UK. But even those unreasonable folk at the BNP wouldn’t stop this good looking monitor at the border, as the BenQ V2410T arrives in the UK.

BenQ’s 24-inch wide screen LED monitor is aimed at corporate users, but BenQ says it’s also environmentally conscious and good for users.

“It comes with a height adjustment function allowing users to adjust the screen’s height according to theirs, and not vice-versa, negating the risks of neck discomfort or strain,” an official statement says.

“Unlike the CCFL technology used in the LCD monitors, V2410T uses energy efficient LED backlighting. In comparison to a CCFL monitor V2410T consumes 44 per cent less power; and 56 per cent less whilst in Eco mode.

The Full 1080p high-definition V2410T will be available in the UK from the 1 May for £199 including VAT.