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tibboh filters web content like movies

tibboh BBFC 3g internet access
tibboh BBFC 3g internet access

tibboh_BBFC_3g_internet_accessA mobile internet service has launched in the UK that filters web content using British Board of Film Classification (BBFC) ratings, to make sure children and teenagers only see the things they should be watching.

The tibboh service uses a filtration system accredited by the BBFC, which applies the UK’s film and DVD classifications of U, PG, 12, 15, 18 to internet content.

The system, which has been available for over a year in schools, can now be purchased by the general public from Amazon or directly from tibboh’s own website.

It costs £19.99 per month and includes high-speed (3G) mobile internet access.

“We’re delighted to be able to welcome tibboh as the first internet service provider to meet the BBFC online membership standards,” said Andrew Cooke from BBFC online. “We’ve been working very closely with tibboh and have helped them to develop bespoke criteria which match our standards.”

“Our classifications are understood and trusted by UK parents and they are based on our unique understanding of child development and parental expectations.”

The filtering service works without installing software on the user’s laptop or desktop, which takes the onus of keeping it up-to-date away form the user or parent.

The tibboh service then classifies content as it goes online to block inappropriate material for younger children.

“This is more subtle in its distinctions than the ‘black and white’ option offered by conventional filtering,” said Martin Large, CEO of tibboh. “After all, what’s suitable for a 17-year-old is not the same as what suitable for an eight-year old.