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Roth’s pair of Charlies

Roth Charlies
Roth Charlies

Roth_CharliesRoth reckons it can help liberate the tunes held captive on your various hard drives – with help from a pair of Charlies. “Roth’s new Charlie desktop speaker systems take tunes held on small things – Macs, PCs, laptops, iPhones and iPods – and make them sound very big,” a spokesman said.

Roth said the runaway success of online music services, such as iTunes and Spotify, means more and more music is “trapped on flash drives and hard drives”, which doesn’t make sense because the built-in speaker systems generally found in the increasingly compact Macs, PCs and laptops aren’t up to scratch.

“The resulting sonics from these built-in speakers tend to come ladled with ASBO-deserving treble, search in vain for convincing midrange, and are utter strangers to the valley town known as Bass. In a word: bad,” said a Roth spokesman.

The new wireless-capable Charlie desktop speaker systems are available 2.0 and 2.1 (with added subwoofer) systems and Roth claims they “bring power and polish to proceedings”.

Both systems include a RothDock, which uses the wireless receiver built into the base of the Charlie speaker to offer a wire-free connection between your docked iPhone or iPod.

The Charlie 2.0 uses a cabinet-enclosed amplifier capable of 15 watts per channel, while the the Charlie 2.1 houses the electronics within the chassis of it subwoofer, giving 25W to drive each speaker and a further 25W to the sub itself.

Specifications include:
* Dimensions (single speaker W x H x D): 12cm x 14cm x 13cm
120x140x130mm (WHD)
* Speaker weight: 0.8Kg
* Dimensions (Sub W x H x D): 42cm x 19cm x 18cm
* Sub weight: 3Kg
* Transmitter distance: 10m
* Standard 3.5mm auxiliary input
* USB socket for connection to a wide range of computer products
* iTunes synchronisation ability.

The Charlie range is available in black or white and will be available in April. The 2.0 system will have a suggested price of £199 including VAT, while the 2.1 set-up will cost £299.