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Tories launch iPhone app

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conservative_logoSmug, self-satisfied and probably listening to Coldplay? If you have an iPhone, the Conservative party wants your vote. The organization has launched an iPhone app.

With the UK general election just weeks away, the tories new smartphone app will keep party members and potential voters abreast of Conservative party news and policies.

There is also a “Call a Friend” feature so mates can be canvassed and a tiltable swingometer game that shows if the Conservatives can beat Labour with a two percent lead (probably not).

There is also a donate page but it only shows you a telephone number to ring instead of an in-app purchase.

Shadow culture secretary Jeremy Hunt, the party’s spokesman for online campaigning, said “once again, the Conservatives are at the forefront of digital innovation in UK politics”.

“This iPhone app will help both existing supporters and floating voters learn more about our policies, connect with us on social networks and share political news with their friends.”

No word of it yet, but we expect Labour and Lib-dems to also launch there own apps very soon.

Link: Tory party iPhone app