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BBC iPlayer is a record breaker

bbc iplayer logo
bbc iplayer logo

bbc-iplayer-logoEver since its release on the Nintendo Wii, the BBC iPlayer has been breaking record after record. The service recorded 120 million programme requests in January.

Helped by becoming available on games consoles and heavy snow, the service broke its own record for the third time in a row. The bad weather from January 4 to 10 helped create one of the biggest weeks for the online TV service with 23.8 million request in that week alone.

Around one-fifth of requests came via Virgin Media TV customers, who access the catch-up TV service via their set-top box, the BBC revealed. Four per cent of requests came from users of the Nintendo Wii while eight percent were from Sony PS3 users.

TV accounted for an overwhelming 92 per cent of all requests with Radio making up the remainder.

In December 2009 the service set a record of over 100 million programme requests, but in January it suppassed that by an extra 20 million hits. The previous November, it had 88.2 million.

But the service is now facing competition from commercial rivals, such as SeeSaw which recently launched last week. The BBC is currently working on a version that will work on the Apple iPhone.