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MSI puts gaming on a diet

MSI Gx740 gaming pc
MSI Gx740 gaming pc

MSI_Gx740_gaming_pc“Obscene performance for serious gamers” – that’s the promise from computer manufacturer MSI, which has launched its Ultra light GX gaming laptops in Europe. The GX series of notebooks includes the GX640 and GX740, with both machines powered by the latest Intel Core i5 processors.

“The GX series incorporates excellent engineering and design by packing in obscene performance into an extremely agile chassis, making them the slimmest and lightest on the market with the GX740 weighing in at just 3.2kg and only 2.8cm thick,” a proud spokeswoman told Absolute Gadget.

The notebooks also use ATi Mobility Radeon 3D discrete graphics cards, with full support for DirectX 11.

The MSI spokeswoman said the result was notebooks with “the best display performance in the world when it comes to rich, vibrant colors and staggering detail”.

Fuller features include:
* ATI Radeon HD5870 and HD5850 cards
* SRS-certified Premium Sound speakers
* Digital/Analog 7.1 Channel audio output
* Cinema Pro technology
* Power saving boost technology
* “Exceptional” 3D graphics
* The latest Intel Turbo Boost technology, designed to distribute system resources efficiently using Intel Hyper-Threading technology
* Smart Cache technology

“Designed with high-speed performance in mind, both the GX740 and GX640 are among the first gaming notebooks to be fitted with GDDR5 (Graphics Double Data Rate, version 5) memory,” the spokeswoman continued.

“This delivers massive bandwidth to the ATI Radeon HD5870 (GX740) and HD5850 (GX640) discrete graphics cards with 1GB GDDR5 VRAM for excellent visuals whilst using less power.”