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LG bakes more Cookies

LG GT350 Cookie phone
LG GT350 Cookie phone

LG_GT350_Cookie_phoneLG has announced two new additions to its Cookie family of phones with the launch of the LG GT350 and the GS290. The 350 is an improved Qwerty messaging phone with a three-inch touchscreen, while the GS290 is a more affordable model.

LG said the handsets were designed with easy social networking in mind and both phones include built-in applications for the major social networks.

An LG spokesman said the GT350 improves upon the earlier LG KS360, a messaging phone that has sold over five million units worldwide since its launch in August 2008.

“More powerful than its predecessor, the LG GT350 includes upgrades to its messaging and social networking experience,” the spokesman added.

“Opening its slider reveals a large, comfortable four-line Qwerty keypad, versus a three-line keyboard on the earlier model, which makes typing messages almost as easy as on a computer. What’s more, the 3-inch WQVA screen on the GT350 is now fully touch enabled: an upgrade from the partial touchscreen on the original KS360.”

The LG GT350 will be available in the UK from June and will come in four colour combinations: aqua blue, purple, light silver and black. However, some of those colours will be exclusive to specific carriers.

Meanwhile, the LG GS290 also has a slide-out Qwerty keypad “designed for the textually-minded”. There’s no suggested price yet, but LG said it would be its “most affordable” full touchscreen phone with social networking functionality.

The GS290 will be available in the UK from mid-March and LG said more information will be confirmed closer to its launch date.