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Spotify banned from Oxford University

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spotify_logoAs it happens, this news piece is being written under the power of Spotify and a nice cup of tea. But such things will no longer be happening at Oxford, where the music service has been banned from campus computers.

The problem is one of bandwidth – all those ragamuffin students listening to their “hip-hops” and their “heavy metals” are slowing Oxford’s internet for those who are actually trying to research stuff. (Disclaimer: “stuff” here is not a euphemism for “porn”. They’re actually using the internet to try and learn things. We were shocked too!)

Oxford University Computer Services (OUCS) has come under flack from many students at the university’s newspaper site, Cherwell, but it’s responded that: “Bandwidth that seems insignificant for one user will soon add up when scaled up to the many thousands of users connected to Oxford University’s networks.

“It is one thing attempting to justify a network upgrade on the basis of a genuine academic requirement, such as the petabytes of data expected from CERN when their latest collider comes online.”

In our day, you had your gramophones and your George Formby records and you liked it. Etcetera, etcetera.