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Google laptop on the way?

Google Nexus wht bk 450
Google Nexus wht bk 450

Google_Nexus_wht_bk_450Google’s Nexus One mobile phone handset has certainly stirred up a lot of debate. Chris Bland, SEO account director at Greenlight, believes this device could point to a Google laptop in the not too distant future…

“Google is breaking new ground by becoming a direct retailer of this handset. It suggests that it will be braver than Microsoft in entering the hardware retail sector and is clear evidence that it is going head to head with Apple in the mobile space,” Bland said.

“It could also prove interesting when they come to launch their Chromium PC operating system: will it offer a Google laptop to rival the much rumoured Apple tablet?”

Bland theorised that one reason for the direct play may be that Google is keen to protect its brand from manufacturers and network operators who are dubbing their Android handsets as Google Phones.

“Greenlight’s client Vodafone is ranking on Page 1 of Google UK for this term in order to promote the HTC Magic device, which was the second Android handset to launch in the UK and was exclusive to the Vodafone network,” he added.