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Hannsg cracks hard glass

HANNSG HP222 hard glass frnt
HANNSG HP222 hard glass frnt

HANNSG_HP222_hard_glass_frnt“Designed to survive!” is the excitable headline accompanying Hannsg’s latest release. Apparently, its new range of ‘hard glass’ monitors are specifically manufactured to survive intensive use, as well as everyday wear and tear.

“The family PC monitor, public computer suite monitors and office monitors, all endure a certain amount of damage on a daily basis,” Hannsg claims. “Monitors sometimes even fall victim to angry attacks from users responding passionately to PC failure.”

To combat that damage, Hannsg makes its hard glass monitors with a tough acrylic screen surface to shield the underlying sensitive panel, “protecting them against knocks and constant prodding which over a period of time, or quite often immediately, would most certainly cause irreparable damage to fragile traditional monitors and result in costly replacement.”

Aside from damage control, the screen surface of the hard glass monitors allows for frequent cleaning, making them ideal for clinical environments and places where cleanliness is harder to manage, such as construction sites.

The Hannsg hard glass monitors feature; DV1-D with HDCP support and VGA connectivity, a 15,000:1 contrast ratio, 170-degree viewing angle and VESA mounting capability.

The new Hannsg hard glass range will begin rolling out early 2010, with the HP191DGBE 19-inch model costing £119 and the HP222DGB 22-inch model costing £139 (both including a three-year on-site swap out warranty as standard).