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Could this be the Wii 2?

Nintendo Zii patent filing
Nintendo Zii patent filing

Nintendo_Zii_patent_filingThe Nintendo Wii celebrated its third birthday a couple of weeks ago, traditionally the time in a console’s life where people start looking towards the machine’s replacement.  While Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft appear to publically be staying on the “this generation could last 10 years” party line, Ninty has filed a trademark for the “Zii”…

The paperwork was filed back on October 30, but the entry in the database was only released yesterday.  Apparently the Zii, whatever it may be, will “be used for computer games and electronic devices” Hmm…

Of course, there’s nothing to say that the Zii will be Nintendo’s next console, or even a console at all.  And if it is, the odds are good that Zii is just a codename, which is Nintendo’s way of doing things (the Wii was known as the Revolution when it was being developed, the Gamecube was the Dolphin, the N64 was Project Reality, etc…

Time, of course, will tell.

Nintendo Zii

A snapshot of the Nintendo Zii patent filing