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Six million Wii consoles sold in UK

wii small
wii small

wii_smallFor a company that was considered dead on its feet not so long ago, Nintendo is doing very well in the UK and around the world. According to new figures from GTK Chart Track, the console company has sold more than six million units in the UK since launch.

The news makes the console the fastest-ever selling in the UK and is not too far behind the PS2 in terms of figures (the PS2 in present in 10 million households in the UK).

While rivals Microsoft and its Xbox 360 and Sony with its PS3 have cuts prices of their consoles to shift units, Nintendo held out until last to do so, signifying the its strength of sales.

However, as the market reaches saturation point, investment bankers Cowen Group, expect that the number of games sold per Wii will also decline giving Nintendo new problems.

But sales of the new Black Wii continue to do well in the run up to Christmas, with many stores running out of stock quickly. The Wii has managed to sell out around this time of year for the last three years since launch.

“With its inclusive, family friendly and fun nature, we’re very pleased Wii seems to have captured the imagination of over six million families across the UK and reached such a landmark sales figure in such a short space of time,” said David Yarnton, UK MD for Nintendo.