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Get the best price for petrol with your iPhone

apple iphone o2
apple iphone o2

apple_iphone_o2There’s a recession on, did you know? Apparently, people are trying to save money. Yep. So the AA has launched a rather nifty new iPhone app to help in this regard.

The AA’s Fuel Price App gives users access to fully up-to-date petrol prices across the UK. When you fire it up, the app identifies your location, and then finds the ten nearest petrol stations to you. It then ranks the cheapest five with a colour code (green cheap, red costly). Once you’ve picked a station, the app gives you directions to it.

The fuel prices are provided by Experian Catalist in association with Arval: the data comes from monitoring the Arval fuel card transactions which take place daily across the UK. Apparently this numbers into the hundreds of thousands, which means up-to-date, nationwide coverage. Lovely.

The Fuel Price App can be bought at the App Store for an annual subscription of £4.99. According to the press release, “by using the app the average motorist would recoup the annual subscription in around 5 months by finding the cheapest fuel.” So there you go.