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BenQ debuts 18.5-inch screen

BenQ g920wl LED Screen
BenQ g920wl LED Screen
BenQ_g920wl_LED_ScreenBenQ has announced two new G series LED displays: the 19-inch Widescreen G920WL (16:10) and the 18.5-inch Widescreen G922HDL (16:9). Yep, that’s right, the G922HDL is the world’s first LED display that’s 18.5-inch W segment.

“Compelling price points, solid performance, economical screen sizes, and boasting the lowest power consumption rating in their respective size categories, make the new models appeal to cost- and eco-conscious corporate users who appreciate the G-Series’ mercury-free, energy-efficient engineering,” an official statement said.
LED backlighting allows the G-Series to provide “brilliant visuals” and “enhancing eye comfort” to boost productivity in the workplace.
According to BenQ, both models also exhibit zero light leakage, enabling an ultra-high dynamic contrast ratio (DCR) of 5,000,000:1.
“Such a near-infinite DCR translates to the new G-series monitors providing super-intense blacks, brilliant whites, and innumerable colour variations in between so that all content – from fine text, graphs, chart, and tables to fast-action games and dark video scenery, appear in razor-sharp definition,” BenQ said.
The new displays will be available in the UK during this month and the G920WL is priced at £99, while the G922HDL costs £95.