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Wolfram Alpha makes expensive debut as iPhone app

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alpha keyboard

The search engine that is definitely not Google is to launch itself as an iPhone app but with an expensive price tag.

Wolfram Alpha launched earlier this year as an alternative to Google but with “more intelligent search results”. The company will be making available its app on the Apple App Store for a eye-watering £30. Most apps only cost a couple of quid.

According to the promotional material the app draws on “20+ years of development, 50,000+ built-in algorithms, and 10+ trillion pieces of continually updated and curated data, the Wolfram Alpha app is the ultimate replacement for any kind of calculator or reference book—and much more.”

“The breakthrough technology of Wolfram Alpha for the first time lets you get expert-level answers to your specific freeform questions — complete with stunning, dynamically generated visualisations and tables, and richer and deeper information than you imagined possible.”

To be honest Google is a hellava lot cheaper and with some effort you should see similar results, but ten again what are us idiots to judge on this?


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