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Review: E-Charger Solar Messenger Bag

E Charger Solar
E Charger Solar

With climate change being on the minds of the public more and more, we often wonder what we can do to save the environment. E-Charger has a little bag that could make a difference to your carbon footprint.

The E-Charger messenger bag not only carries all your stuff (laptop included) but will also attempt to recharge your gadgets while you are out and about.

The bag is real leather and has a waterproof nylon exterior. The interior comes with three compartments, which can hold documents with a protective felt lining for a laptop.

On the outside is a small solar panel. When the whether in the UK is suitable enough (i.e. not cloudy) the panel converts the son’s energy into electrical energy and stores this in the bag’s battery recharger pack. This can then be used to recharge a variety of different gadgets, such as iPods, mobile phones, portable CD and DVD players.

You will need to insert some rechargable batteries into battery pack before using as this will trickle charge more effectively when out and about. You can then connect up your gadget to be recharged to the battery pack. There are a few different connectors that come with the bag so finding the right, whether it is a Nokia phone, a Sony Ericsson smartphone or an iPhone should be too much trouble.

The panel is stiff and pretty small compared to others on the market and in use we connected it up to a Sony Ericsson phone and left the bag outside all day in direct sunlight. We are not sure if we connected the phone up correctly but after several hours in the sun on a cloudless day, the phone didn’t have much charge (we started from a phone completely out of charge).

So while it may give you enough energy to make that all-important phone call, it may not have the energy (literally) to make subsequent calls. That said the bag looks great for the money.

Rating: 6/10