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CurrentBody Skin LED Lip Perfector


Want youthful soft lips? The CurrentBody Skin LED Lip Perfector is a clinically proven anti-ageing lip device.

With 56 LED bulbs that penetrate the skin, the device reduces fine lines and wrinkles and achieve a fuller lip. It increases the natural collagen produced in your lips and is therefore a painless alternative to fillers.

After cleansing your face, place the silicone end into your mouth and turn on the LED. The device will automatically turn off after three minutes, then continue with your skincare routine and look for results in eight weeks.

CurrentBody Skin LED
CurrentBody Skin LED

The device comes with a charging base and storage bag to ensure good hygiene. It also holds charge well and is small enough to be portable. It is quite pricey at £189, but it is a more affordable solution to ageing skin than getting cosmetic fillers.

Although I used this for a short period of time, my lips feel softer and I do think they look more plump and healthy. This gadget is perfect for skincare lovers.


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