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Nintendo dates its big Christmas titles

wii fit balance board
wii fit balance board

wii_fit_balance_boardNintendo has announced its plans to dominate wallets this winter by revealing the street dates for its three big games – the latest Mario and Zelda, and a sequel to Wii Fit.

The first to hit stores will be Wii Fit Plus. The game takes all of the original yogariffic title’s features and adds 50% more stuff, such as being able to personalise your exercise plan or consult a calorimeter to show how much you’re burning off. It’ll be on sale from October 30.

Then New Super Mario Bros. Wii will arrive. Unsurprisingly a sequel of sorts to New Super Mario Bros. on DS, it’s the first Mario platformer to be aimed at multiplayer shenanigans, as four players help and/or hinder each other to reach the end of the level. And you can dress up as a penguin. It hits stores on November 20.

Finally, DS owners will be able to get their clammy paws on The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks. A direct sequel to 2007’s Phantom Hourglass, it reprises that game’s touchscreen controls and adds in a steam train for Link to drive. It’s released on December 11.

Rumours that Nintendo is planning to celebrate by having Mario hijack the Queen’s speech were strenuously made up by us just now.